Patola Saree

Patola design is a type of double ikat woven sari that is made using silk in Gujarat state of India .

Earlier patola sari were worn by Royal and aristocrat families .

Patola sarees are weaved using dyed threads and the designs are made horizontally and vertically. 

It takes around 4 to 7 months to weave a patola saree. 

Patola sarees are expensive because of its design  ,patterns and the time, labour and efforts involved in weaving a patola saree makes its weave different and price high from other sarees. 

The range of patola saree starts from 1 lack to a few more lacks. 

The patola is especially manufactured in Surat,Gujarat.

 There are two varieties available in Patola saree that is :

Patan patola

Rajkot patola

Rajkot patola are ikkat weaves that are weaved single. 

Patan patola are ikkat weaves that are weaved in doubles. 

How the Patola fabric is created?? 

Patola weaves are made by using the wrap and weft proces .The weave involves a process of around 4-7 months

The yarns are adjusted perfectly using a sword shaped stick that is made out of rosewood.

With the help of cotton threads, the yarns are tied according to the design and pattern. 

Multiple tying and dyeing of yarns goes on using different ,beautiful and attractive colors. These colors are used in a specific order. 

Disorder of colors can cause a severe damage to the fabric / weave. The weaving of patola saree requires a lot of patience.

The natural dyes that are used in patola weave are catechu, cochineal, indigo, turmeric, natural lakh, harde, madder roots, manjistha, ratnajyot, katha, kesudo, pomegranate skin, henna and marigold are used in making them.

The geometric shapes and designs used in patola weave are like nari kunjar bhat (women and elephant patterns), paan bhat (peepul leaf motif) navratna bhat (square-shaped pattersn), voharagaji (inspired by the Vohra community), fulvali bhatt (floral) and rattanchowk bhat .

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