Jamdani Weave

Jamdani is a type of fine art weaving that is done to enhance the look and beauty of saree.
Cotton and gold  coloured threads are used to weave the motifs , geometric  and floral designs.
Jamdani weave came from Bangladesh and is also famous in West Bengal, India and Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh.
There are different varieties of Jamdani  available such as
*Daccai Jamdani This is well famous for its colour textures.
*Shantipur jamdani This is well known for its soft texture.
*Tangail jamdaniThis is well known for its traditional borders.
*Dhonekai jamdani This is well known for its colourful shades.

The special features of jamdami saree:
Jamdani sareed are rich in colour and beautiful geometric designs
In jamdani sarees the motifs and designs are filled using colours such as maroon, white,green,black , silver and golden colour threads are changed into grey or natural colour base fabric.
Jamdani was also considered as one of the finest muslins.
 Process of weaving jamdani sarees:
The yarns that are used to weave the fabric are first dyed.Earlier the natural dyes were used to dye the fabric.But now, cheap and chemical dyes are used to dye the fabric.
Like other handloom weaving, in Jamdani weave also wrap and weft are used. The borders are made using golden zari.
Weavers weave the wrap and weft for decided pattern and motifs.Cotton and zari threads are used to wrap and weft the threads of the weave.

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