Indigo Sarees

It is important for every woman to look beautiful in the days of festival , functions and parties . Therefore ,women do  different  things to make themself look beautiful and the most important credit goes to their traditional attire that is saree. Saree is a traditional wear that enhances a woman’s beauty and personality .  

Indigo dye is a type of dye that is blue in color and is generally used for colouring of cotton yarn and that yarn is used for production of denim jeans 

These days Indigo sarees are most in demand because of its properties like the natural color it offers and the breathability. 

The indigo sarees  are in tradition these days.Women choose indigo sarees because    indigo sarees are very much comfortable to wear .Women look so beautiful and charming after wearing the Indigos. 

The indigo sarees are mainly manufactured using natural and organic dye color that is the blue dye color.It is eco friendly as well as skin friendly.

Dyeing is a process of interaction between a dye  and a fibre .It is basically an absorption and diffusion process. 

Technique of dyeing indigo Saree :

Cotton and linen threads are used in  the dying process. 

The cotton and silk threads are soaked and dried in sun 15-20 times. 

After the drying process is completed, the yarn is sun dried to deepen the color .

Indigo dye has a uniqueness, that is its ability to impart surface color.

The yarn is now twisted after deepning it in indigo  color. 

After some time,  now the yarn dyed is untwisted and it can be observed that the inner layers remain uncolored 

The dye also fades to give a characteristic  look.

Different categories of indigo sarees available are:

Indigo silk sarees

Indigo cotton sarees

 Indigo chanderi sarees

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