Indian Silk Artisans Upliftment Challenge

Silk industry: Shining disappears from the life of silk shiners, forced to flee
Publish Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 09:32 AM (IST), Jagran

At present, 80,000 weavers face a maintenance crisis. More than 25 thousand power looms are closed. 2400 handloom banukers / artisans have also been unemployed, whose livelihood was maintained by wages. About 260 thread dyeing centers, dyeing and finishing work are also at a standstill. Nearly six thousand artisans who fills Tani, Bharani and Lari are unemployed.

Behind the silky threads that fascinate the world, there is also a picture of helplessness and misery, which has become a destiny for those who produce these threads. The weavers make beautiful clothes by gluing threads with their skills, but the shine is missing from their lives. Mohammad of Nathnagar Kalim Ansari says that one gets 70 rupees for preparing a saree. Half of this money is spent on the maintenance and power of the loom. Now there is not even the capital to create employment. The noise of the loom has been closed for the last three months.

I have taken this as a challenge to uplift the condition of the silk artisans of Bhagalpur. Need your support too.

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