Flesh is not for Human to eat

  1. Dr. A. of Harvard Medical School Watchman, Dr. DS As a result of years of research done by Vernstein, the urine of non-vegetarians is often acidic, as acidity is produced from he flesh, as a result, alkaline salts of bones start dissolving and bones become weak to keep the body’s pH indifferent. .
  1. A carnivore causes heart disease, high blood pressure, thrombosis, paralysis, kidney and gallstones, liver disease etc.
  2. VP Syden Stricker, A. of the University of Georgia School of Medicine P. Briggs and N. According to M. de Baugr, eggs cause depression, pressure on the heart, anesthesia, anesthesia, nausea, heaviness, fatigue, tragedy, hemoglobin deficiency, etc. According to three Wisconsin researchers, there is a higher probability of cancer than eggs, according to 14 months of research by the Florida Department of Agriculture, eggs contain 30 percent DDT venom.
  3. Due to very low carbohydrate and calcium in eggs, rot is produced in the stomach.
  4. According to Dr. Rainer Frantzel Bedum and his colleagues from the German Cancer Research Center Hiddleberg, carnivores are more prone to stomach cancer, obesity, cholesterol increase.
  5. There is a high possibility of diarrhea, hemorrhoids, hernia, appendicitis, uterine ovarian, gastric, intestinal cancer due to non-diet in meat.
  6. According to Takeshi Hirayama, director of the National Institute of Japan, the risk of cancer greatly increases from carnivores.
  7. According to the World Health Organization, 160 kinds of diseases are spread by carnivores. According to Nobel Laureates Dr. Brown and Goldstein, carnivores increase the risk of heart attacks.
  8. Meat is an unnatural and curative diet according to the world-renowned German naturopathic Louis Küne.
  9. With the increase of carnivores, there is an extraordinary increase in pain in canker-2: Dr. William Robbut, Dr. Sarjamesier.
  10. The patients of dental disease pyria increase from non-vegetarian – Mr. Arthur Underwood, Dr. Mr. Thomas J. Rogan.
  11. Meat increases cancer – Dr. Russell.
  12. It is possible that some people are consuming meat without any kind of damage, but it is a certainty that the result of this kind of inhumane food will be revealed sooner or later. The liver and kidneys will leave their work after getting contaminated and will result in diseases like caries, cancer and arthritis. My s Brown (Region for and Vegetarian Diet).
  13. I greatly reduced the amount of meat consumed, as a result of which the headaches, mental exhaustion and arthritis diseases, which I was suffering for many years, went away – Dr. Parkes.
  14. According to the report of the United States General Accounting, 143 chemicals were found in meat, of which 47 were cancer factors.
  15. According to World Watch, a reputed research institute of USA, meat eaters are more prone to heart attacks, diabetes, bowel cancer and other fatal diseases. flesh, as a result, alkaline salts of bones start dissolving and bones become weak to keep the body’s pH indifferent. .

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